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EN Communication is an Integrated Communications Consulting and research media firm with diverse skill sets and wide capability range. established 1997. E.N.Communication has grown to be one of India largest and versatile Corporate Communication and Research/monitoring Firms, offering a wide range of advisory services, strategic in nature, turn key from planning to implementation, feedback and review. It helps create differentiators in terms of corporate and brand reputation. E.N. Communication is the first largest audio-visual archival/ tracking company in the country with the facility of 60 + channels (National, Regional, Business& Others Channels) monitoring and archival.ENC also monitor social & print media. The company has been on the run since 2005 with monitoring, reporting and offering perception in the market after complete analysis of the concern company. ENC does not stop at media monitoring and reporting but also offer in-depth expert analysis of all the news gathered on our clients’ behalf. [...]More

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